Some people are considering the open-plan offices to conduct seminars, meetings, or do your day job. It became popular in the U.S. One of the reasons others use open space to serve as an office is their aesthetic backgrounds with rows of desks, where your teams can sit comfortably.

However, not everyone supports this idea. Others have their reasons, saying open spaces are prone to distractions. But let’s be fair, and tackle their advantages and disadvantages.

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The Pros

Lower Price

If you are conducting a seminar that caters to more than hundreds of visitors, you probably think of minimizing the fees. In traditional office spaces, you’ll find single cubicles for each of your employees.

On the other hand, the office spaces come with a large table which caters to 10 workers. As a result, it reduces the office expenses and minimizes the cost of your renovations.

Open-Plan Offices are Flexible

When you have a traditional office, it only has limited space. You need to look for another location to conduct your meetings, where everyone can enjoy the venue and focus on the speaker.

If you have cubicle space in your office, it also limits business expansion in the future, unlike the open space, where you can extend it as your meeting or conference room.

Open-Plan Offices Break Down the Communication Barriers

One of the reasons why company owners decide to go for traditional space is to prevent distractions. However, it becomes a barrier to communication. When you put the employees or team members together, everyone can gather better ideas. They can benefit from listening to other’s suggestions, and the members can hear your opinions too.

The Cons

No Privacy

Workers need privacy, especially when they are working. The open-plan offices can have lots of distractions from co-members or employees. You might also feel tempted to talk with your officemates while working. Having cubicles can give you personal space, have your desk, and give yourself a me-time while taking a break.

Loud Noise from Co-Workers and Other Sources

Noises or murmurs from co-workers can disrupt peace and distract you from your daily activities. It increases more interruptions. Instead of hearing the next update for the following meetings, your co-workers might talk about the new upcoming movies.

That’s why open-plan spaces can impact productivity negatively. It can lower the employees’ concentrations and decrease workforce motivation.

What’s Your Plan?

Nowadays, real estate plans are collaborating with companies from traditional and open-plan offices. They are launching new designs, where the employees can have their privacies, while they have an open-plan space to conduct meetings or conferences.

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