We have not filed our 2005 tax return yet. In fact, we’re still catching up on the tax return from the year before. The silly thing is, we may even get some money back. However, we always dread tax season and tend to procrastinate and that is why we still haven’t filed out 2005 tax return.

Our 2005 tax return should result in my husband having to pay. However, I made sure to get extra tax taken off my pay on a bi-weekly basis. So I have a feeling upon filing my own 2005 tax return I will be in for a pleasant surprise. I just hope that the amount owing on my husband’s 2005 tax return, doesn’t negate the amount I would be getting back on my own 2005 tax return.

I don’t really understand why the government doesn’t just calculate tax returns and send us all bills or cheques, depending on the status of our return. In this day and age, everything else in this world is automated. It seems strange that the revenue and taxation branch of the government would have such an antiquated system.

They end up going over and calculating all of our tax information anyway. It just seems like a waste of time and effort having to do all the calculations yourself, only to have the government rehash the whole thing and disagree with your statement.

I’m sure that this viewpoint has a bearing on our not filing our 2005 tax return. We know that by not filing we are at risk of invoking a penalty. It’s stupid really. We should just learn to work with the system as it stands.

I would like to file my 2005 tax return, even if it’s only to get myself out from under this black cloud of knowing that we’re behind. Plus, I could really use any money coming back from my 2005 tax return.

I plan to turn over a new leaf and file my 2006 tax return promptly. The nagging annoyance of leaving our 2005 tax return unfilled is aggravating and an added pressure in life that could have been avoided very easily. I should have been more proactive in making sure that the 2005 tax return was filed on time and in order, rather than leaving it up to my husband to worry about.

He is somewhat of a procrastinator and is always extremely busy. It’s definitely something for me to think about taking responsibility for, so that we don’t end up in this same position in regard to filing our taxes in 2006.

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